Burpee-Squat-Cardio Circuit Workout

Burpee-Squat-Cardio Circuit Workout:

There are three stations. One area that is designated for burpees, one area designated for squats, and one for the cardio exercise.

Few things required:

  • Weight preference: a bar, a plate, or a dumbbell
  • A bench, or a step
  • Bozu ball
  • Medicine (Weighted) ball

This circuit can be done by alone or with multiple people. If alone, you will start with the burpee station, then go to the squat station, then end on the cardio station. You want to try and average 10-15 burpees, 15-25 squats, and 20-40 cardio reps. With a partners, just rotate between stations. Try and take minimal rest between stations, with a 2-3 minute break between circuits. There will be a total of 10 circuits (3 stations included in each one).

Each Circuit (total 10 circuits):

Choose one of the ten exercise of the following from each station.

1 Burpee – 1 Squat – 1 Cardio

Rest 2-3 mins.


Squats Exercises (w/explanation)

Plie squats: When squatting make sure your feet slightly wider than hip width apart, and your toes turned out about 45 degrees. (Optional: Holding plate/dumbbell)

Narrow to Basic Squat Hop: Start off in a narrow squat (knee together), then jump into a basic squat (shoulder width apart), then back into a narrow squat for one rep.

Squat Hold to Curtsy Lunge: Stay deep in squat and hold this position, take a step back as if you were doing a regular lunge, but instead of going straight back, cross it behind your front leg (as if you are about to curtsy-as pictured). Then dip into a lunge. When you back to your original position, stay in and squat. Then repeat with opposite leg.


Squat Jumps: Squat then explode into a jump, landing in squatting position, and repeat.

Squat Plate Press: Squat with the plate close to your body, and when standing up press the plate straight up into the air.

Plate Squat with Side leg lift: Hug plate, squat, then stand and do a side leg lift, repeat using other leg.

Plate Squat with Kickbacks: Hug plate, squat, then stand and do a kick back, repeat using other leg.

Plate Squat: Squat with plate held in front of you or on your back or in between your legs or out in front

Pop Squats on a Step: Straddle the bench/step, squat down with them the bench/step in between your legs, and then explode, landing into a narrow squat position onto of the bench/step. Then, jump down straddling the bench/step, and then jump up and repeat.


Weighted Squat Pulse: Have a bar/dumbbell/plate, and hold while pulsing your squats

Burpee Exercises (with explanation)

Regular burpees

Jump over burpees: Burpee, then jump over a step or a bench, then burpee.


Squat hold to burpee: Stay in a squat hold, then drop into a burpee, come back up into a squat hold.

Ball slams to burpee kickback: Ball slam (pictured below), when going down, keep your hands on the ball, core tight/back flat/butt down, and kick back, then bring your legs back in and standing back up with the ball.


Regular burpees

Box hop to burpee: Jump onto the step/bench with to two feet (soft landing), jump back down onto the floor, do a burpee, jump back on the step/bench, repeat.

Bozu lift with burpee kickback: Lift Bozu overhead and press, then put back down, and keep your core tight/back flat and kick back (picture below)


Jump over bar burpees:


In-and-out with push-up: Drop down to a plank position, and hop two feet into chest and bring them back out into a plank position, and then push up

Regular burpees

Cardio Exercises (with explanation)

Mountain climbers

Jump jacks – Jacking jumps with a squat (see picture below)




Lateral shuffle:


Ski jumps:


Box Toe touches:


Lateral jump (over bar or chosen weight):      


Split Lunge jump:


Frog jumps forward and back:


High Knees


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