Squat-Burpee Circuit Training

Squat exercises are a crucial part of working out.

1. They enhance your core strength; your core works double time while squatting to prevent injury, maintaining an upright position, and also by tightening your core muscles while performing the exercise.

2. They also increase your flexibility. Squatting increase your range of motion in the entire hip complex. Also, squats use almost every lower body muscle in unison creating a full lower body workout.

3. More importantly, they improve your workout efficiency. Many people spend a lot of time moving from machine to machine trying to get a good leg workout in. Instead, you could spend majority of your time at the squat rack building up a good sweat. This total-body movement will increase your heart rate and leave your legs burning.

Proper Squat Technique:

Next up: mix burpees into your squat work outs!

1. Burpees are a full-body exercise. Pretty much every muscle in your body is being used, and you burn so many more calories while doing so. You will get stronger from doing them despite being a cardio-type of exercise. With every rep, you will work your biceps, triceps, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core muscles.

2. They are also build endurance. Whether you are trying to get fit, train for a race, or just trying to simply look good, you will get there a lot faster with this exercise. I believe it is the best exercise to get my heart pounding and blood circulating.

3. You can do them remotely anywhere and require no weights.

Preferred Burpee form:

Here is a Squats-Burpee Pyramid Workout (breaks in between):

Set One: 15 reps Squats-light weight, 10 Burpees

Set Two: 12 reps Squats-add weight (ex. 10 lbs), 10 Burpees

Set Three: 10 reps Squats-add weight (ex. 10 lbs), 10 Burpees

Set Four: 8 reps Squats-add weight (ex. 5 lbs), 10 Burpees

Set Five: 8 reps Squats-add weight (ex. 5 lbs), 10 Burpees

Set Six: Burn out — remove weight down to light weight and max out in reps.


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