25 Yard Dash Workout

Be sure to have cones on you, or you can use other types of markers (I used trees that were apart enough for the proper distance).

25 Yard Dash

Instructions: Start by placing the two markers 25 yards (75 feet) apart. You start by sprinting from 1 marker (the starting marker) to the second marker (25 yards away) and back to the start as fast as you can. When you get back, complete one of the exercises below for 15 reps each, then rest the appropriate time, then onto the next sprint. You will be completing 5 sprint shuttles with a 10 second break only after the exercise is completed. Then, rest 2-3 minutes before starting the next segment. Complete a total of 5 more sprint series with a 15 second break in between, for a total of 10 sprint shuttles at the end of this workout.

You will complete these exercises in between each shuttle sprint for Segment 1 (complete before rest period):

1. 15 burpees

2. 15 Squat jumps

3. 15 push ups

4. 15 Lunge hops

5. 15 Ski jumps

REST 2 MINUTES, then start Segment 2

1. 15 Frog Jumps

2. 15 Spidermans

3. 15 mountain climbers

4. 15 Burpees

5. 15 Squat jacks

Cool down and HYDRATE!


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