What you eat in private, you wear in public.

Since I soccer, I needed motivation. I needed something to keep me going. I’ve ran some races here and there, and continue to play soccer at an amateur level. It keeps me level, it keeps me sane, and most of all it, it has been keeping me fit.

The only thing, no longer are the days where I wake up with a donut, eat boxed mac n’ cheese, practice in a two-hour college training sesh followed by an hour of team weight lifting, only to come home and eat an entire pizza to myself. My recent training schedule surely isn’t the same with a full-time job and “adult responsibilities”, but I also wanted to feel better about myself to! Eating clean is by far the best solution. I know people aren’t the quickest to buy in, but it has been a fun and creative process. I’m so excited about some recent fit milestones, and decided to take a huge leap of running faith…. I’m training for my first marathon! Let the countdown begin….


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