Hello world!

I’m excited to get started with my blogging and fitness journey.

I have been an athlete of some sort for 21 years now. Since I started walking, my dad placed a soccer ball at my feet. Growing up, Barbie dolls were meant to be dribbled with a ball and not played with, Recess was meant for playing kick ball with the boys rather than hopscotch with the girls, dresses and bows were traded in for Nike shorts and skinned knees, proms and homecoming dances were substituted with away soccer tournaments, and sorority pins were turned in for college championship rings. It was and always has been an intense, focused, and driven lifestyle. e sport I love, but it also took me all over the world. I got to see countries that I never thought of stepping foot in. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to wear my nation’s jersey for a number of years and donned with the utmost pride. Now that those days are over, it has been a struggle to keep my life on it’s toe and to obtain that same competitive edge. I started working for a professionally sports team in their front office, and that’s been an amazing experience; however, I needed more…. My job has taken the presence of my education, but what about the sport I love? I still play, but not nearly enough to fill the void of international travel/play. It took me a while to realize, soccer was so fun, BUT being fit….now that was my passion. And, that’s exactly what this blog is about!!

I wanted to share my fitness journey: clean eating recipes, work out routines, and some of my training. I am by no means a professional in nutrition or a personal trainer, but I am very well versed in workouts, eating well, and taking good care of my body. College soccer and the National team taught me a ton and I’m excited to hopefully pass some knowledge along.



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